The Connoisseur

by Amy Hoff

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Jan 6th, 2016  | 

The Connoisseur by Amy Hoff
Loka'i is known for its excesses. The cultural capital of the world is famous for its food, its wine, and its pleasures, but the jewel in the crown of the city are the men of the famed harem of Loka'i, chosen by the Connoisseur.

Aiea, a young girl, is chosen as the next Connoisseur of Loka'i. She is immersed in a world of luxury and beauty, with a lingering darkness behind the gilded veneer. The shadow of war threatens to upset everything those in Loka'i hold dear, and the carefree tropical days on their island.

A world of beauty and hedonism, choice and sacrifice, The Connoisseur is a story of the sea, island life, and the importance of a good bottle of wine.

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The Connoisseur by Amy Hoff