Mountain Man's Valentine

by Lauren Milson

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Mountain Man's Valentine by Lauren Milson
I came to the mountains looking for peace. What I found is better. What I found is mine.

I don’t let people get close to me. Not anymore. Not since the accident.
So I used my fortune to build a home in the mountains, seeking refuge from the tragedy that tore me apart.
But then a young woman with heart-shaped candy red lips shows up on my security camera.
And she is in trouble .
I haven’t left my castle in so long.
But for her, I’ll brave the storm.
She is a sweet, brave little princess with dangerous curves, but once she’s in my castle, I’ll make her my queen.
I’ll keep her safe from the storm and the threats lurking just outside these walls.

Sweet Valoria.
My sweet Val.
You’re mine.
My Valentine.

Candy sweet. Scorching hot. No cheating. HEA.

This edition of Mountain Man's Valentine includes 2 bonus novellas that are just as sweat and steamy as MMV . Thank you for reading!

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Mountain Man's Valentine by Lauren Milson