RYKER (Rogue Billionaires, Book Two)

by Olivia Chase

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RYKER  (Rogue Billionaires, Book Two) by Olivia Chase
RYKER (Rogue Billionaires, Book Two) is a standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA


Everything about her makes me want to do the wrong thing.

When she came in my office, her chin high and those dark eyes fixed on me, soft brown hair tempting me to stroke it, it took all my effort to maintain my cool professionalism. To not give away that I wanted to run my hands up under her skirt, to feel those curves, to stroke her until she screamed.

Andrea is sexy, hot, curvy, f**kable…and she has no idea the effect she has on me. Every time I see her, dirty images rush through my mind. Andrea naked, spread out on my desk, begging me to shove into her soaking-wet p**sy…

I don’t want to feel this pull for her, this urge. There are plenty of available women I can hook up with if I want to. My willpower and discipline are strong. I can resist her.

Until I can’t…


Ryker Baldwin.

My new boss.

He’s gorgeous—dusky blond hair, strong jawline, his dark gray suit molding to his perfect lean body. He’s a god, and I’m reminded just by looking at him how much I’m only a mere mortal. And those eyes. Those piercing brown eyes. They look right through me, like he can read my mind.

Working for him is frustrating as hell. He’s demanding, arrogant and downright condescending.

He’s also jealous when I so much as speak to another man.

I hate feeling so lost, so confused, so turned on, so frustrated by what I can’t possibly ever have.

Except that it turns out…maybe I can. Because soon Ryker has broken me down.

He’s tempting me, teasing me, stroking me.

And it’s the sweetest torture I’ve ever felt.

Before I know it, he’s taken control of me, and I’m doing whatever he wants, wherever he wants.

I am willing to be totally consumed by him, even if being with him ruins everything else in my life and burns it to the ground…

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RYKER  (Rogue Billionaires, Book Two) by Olivia Chase