The Veterinarian: A short sexy read (The Professionals #22)

by Cyra May

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The Veterinarian: A short sexy read by Cyra May
A bored housewife and a fat cat club
Bored housewife Sasha has found a warm welcome at her local 'Fat Cat' weight watchers session. Literally, a weekly weigh in for poor Henry, her over weight Norwegian Forest Cat.
Henry, however seems to gets less attention than his mistress, from the new young Vetinerarian, who appears to have all the ladies queueing up for his services. Never have cats been so overfed.
One of The Professional series of 'sexy short reads' by Allyson R. Abbott writing as Cyra May

The Professionals Series
The Professionals' Short Sexy Reads will take you through an erotic alphabetical journey, as each new hot encounter introduces a different profession starting with another letter until all the alphabet has been completed. All with different couples, situations and approaches. Variety, I am told, is the spice of life. Happy reading, Cyra xxx

An Interview with Cyra May
Cyra May is a pen name for Allyson R. Abbott , who is a Bestselling and Award Winning British author.
Q) Allyson, as an author with an already big following, why did you feel the need to use a pen name?
A) I had all these little snippets of stories in my head, and I felt they would be better represented with a new fresher voice, for a different readership. My bestselling books are longer and although I do write fiction from Sweet to Erotic genres, they tend to focus on the story of the characters, whereas Cyra May (in the Professional series) will be able to pop in and out of the character lives and tell a little snippet of a sexy adventure.
Q) Where did you get the idea of the Professionals from?
A) I wanted to do a series, but I didn't want to use the same characters. It was just a way to be able to have different settings and also make each story unique.
Q) I have noticed all the stories are quite short, in fact about 30 minute reads. Was there a reason for this?
A) Yes. Women are very busy people, especially housewives and mothers. They sometimes only have a few minutes to sit and read. Or maybe a quick read to relax before going to bed..Haha, although I'm not sure these stories are good for relaxing to, they may get the adrenaline pumping.
Q) Did you have to research all the different professions to keep true to life?
A) Not all. Some you can make judgements on, but for an example, I did need to research the Huntsman, as I know nothing about horses, stables or riding etc. and I didn't know a lot about dog breeds for the Kennelmaid.
Q) Do you have any other series planned as Cyra?
A) Yes, I do. I have a few whirling around my brain and one in particular that I have been thinking about for two years, but just have not had the time to get it out onto paper. Apart from that, there is another series already in the pipeline for 'outdoor' sexy reads.
Q) I know you have an established 'Sexy Read Team' Street Team, but are you looking for new members?
A) All the time. The more feedback I have on my books the better the next one will be, so if there are any readers who would like to join my 'Sexy Read Team' please drop me a line.

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The Veterinarian: A short sexy read by Cyra May