Hustler's Mentality: Loving a Kansas City Boss

by Jaii Lynn

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Hustler's Mentality: Loving a Kansas City Boss by Jaii Lynn
Ni'Oni better known as NiNi is just your average pretty girl from the hood. She goes to work and stays out the way. She may turn up here and there with her best friend Remy but nothing major. Priding herself on love and loyalty Ni'Oni has stayed committed to her boyfriend Zaquari for the last decade. Through all the cheating, disappearing acts and outside babies, NiNi's loyalty kept her by Zaquari's side even when it cost the life of the one person she loved more than herself.
When the latest evidence of Zaquari's infidelity shows up literally on their doorsteps, Ni'Oni knows she must let the relationship go. Zaquari feels differently, and he isn't ready to let the woman he loves go. If he cannot be with her, no one will. Unfortunately for Zaquari, someone is waiting to slide into the spot that he just vacated.
Remy has been NiNi's ride or die best friend since a mutual friend introduced them years ago. Although Remy is very open and secure with his sexuality, the men in his life cannot say the same. Remy's love for thugs on the down low may prove to be a deadly attraction in the end and have him rethinking his relationship goals.
Akeo runs Kansas City as the plug for anything the streets need, his Hustler's Mentality keeps him focused and out of the way for the most part. His life is pretty simple besides his aggravating baby mamas and one minor enemy. When Ni'Oni catches his eye one night at the club, he is instantly attracted. His baby mama Jocelyn has other plans in mind and will stop at nothing to get Akeo back home with her and their two sons.
Will past connections that Ni'Oni and Akeo unknowingly share threaten to break apart their budding relationship before it even gets started? Will their exes ever allow them to explore new relationships? Will Remy's choice in men cause him to pay the ultimate price? In this tale of street love and karma, the cost of Lovin' a Kansas City Boss may be a broken heart or worse, someone's life.

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Hustler's Mentality: Loving a Kansas City Boss by Jaii Lynn