Those Whose Hearts (Vampire Assassin League #34)

by Jackie Ivie

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Those Whose Hearts by Jackie Ivie
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Heir to sixteenth-century Venetian nobility, Reynaldo Moroseni was born into luxury. Position. And power. His mortal days were spent on family business - the acquisition of wealth. Practicing his swordsmanship. Occasionally defending honor. But mostly, he spent each day in the pursuit of enjoyment. Vampirism didn't change much.

It merely gave him unlimited time. And a much larger field.


Simone Ryan is a woman of many talents. She's versatile. Dexterous. Competent. Playing music is a joy, but employment as an art historian is her dream. Reality is night work for a chemical company. Living day-to-day. Making ends meet. Watching life pass her by. This was not what she'd envisioned for the future.

It wasn't even close.


A gig playing cello somehow turns into a fantasy for one. Simone finds herself in her own personal fairytale. Set in a beautiful palace. With a breathtakingly handsome prince. This prince is old-worldly charming. Exciting. Passionate. His words intrigue. His touch ignites. And every moment gets her deeper into a shiver-inducing maze of sensuality. Because this prince has a dark side...

And he wants her.

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Those Whose Hearts by Jackie Ivie