Watching Her

by Mardria Portuondo

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Watching Her by Mardria Portuondo
I am just her housekeeper who understands that I should do my job and keep out of her way. But how can I when there is so much going on with her? Secretly, I love her. I suffer when she suffers, I am happy when she is, I cry when she does. She is captive to sadness, so I set out to free her. I want laughter to be her only sound and happiness to be all she feels. I achieve my goal. She is free. So am I. I am free to watch her every move, those she wants me to see...and those she doesn't. I am careful...but not careful enough. She catches me watching her when she is having her most intimate of moments. She is mad. No matter how angry she feels about me watching her, that is nothing to the anger she will feel if she ever finds out the cost of her freedom. Will she be able to look beyond the wrongs I have done, out of love...and love me too?
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This book contains steamy sex scenes. Adult readers only.

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Watching Her by Mardria Portuondo