My Kind of Fashion Model

by Victoria Staat

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My Kind of Fashion Model by Victoria Staat
Jimmy Ray Pucket is the Big 4 Trucking mechanic. He keeps all the company’s trucks on the road. He also has a girlfriend, Tina, and they’d been together for months. Jimmy wasn’t sure Tina was the perfect girl for him. Lately he hadn’t been happy with her constant demands.

Kelsey Curtis is a young woman with a Goth flare. She also has a troubled past which she hopes she’s left behind.

She went looking for a job and found it at Big 4 Trucking. Then she meets Jimmy and Kelsey can’t stop staring. Truth was, neither one could stop staring because there was no denying the attraction.

However, when she meets Jimmy’s girlfriend, she realizes there’s no chance for a relationship, until Tina decides Kelsey’s trying to steal her man. Tina’s determined to get the dispatcher out of town and away from her boyfriend. Arguments between the two women escalate as Tina tries to find out what Kelsey’s kryptonite is.
But by then, Jimmy and Kelsey have become great friends with a strong attraction, which they are both trying to ignore. Kelsey has no idea Tina is trying to dig up something Kelsey had put to rest years ago. No one had a clue Tina was about to resurrect the monster.

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My Kind of Fashion Model by Victoria Staat