No Reservations

by Natalia Banks

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No Reservations by Natalia Banks
Gavin Rossi. Chicago's most notorious playboy and exclusive restauranteur in the country.

At least that's what I've heard them call me.
But when you own a chain of the trendiest hotspots with accolades piled up higher than the stack of phone numbers from beautiful women in your office- paying attention to 'the talk' is the least of my concerns.

I run a tight ship in the kitchen, so when she busts in, demanding answers about her father's abrupt firing, it takes everything in me to keep my cool.

Maybe it's her hypnotic ice blue eyes, her pouty red lips, or the way she dares to speak to me without any hesitation.

Whatever it is, her beauty and fierce determination has my full attention and my blood rushing through my veins.

She can plead her case all she wants, but little does she know, I want her....

And I always get what I want

No Reservations contains mature themes, intended for adult audiences. It's a standalone story, full of adventure and steamy 18+ mature scenes that will make you melt. HEA Guaranteed.

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No Reservations by Natalia Banks