Rescued by Qaiyaan (Galactic Pirate Brides #1)

by Tamsin Ley

4.00 · 2 ratings · Published: Jan 5th, 2018  | 

Rescued by Qaiyaan by Tamsin Ley

Their home world is destroyed. Their women are gone. Can an alien pirate without a future find a mate?

Wanted by the black market cartel, Lisa has come out of hiding to find her missing twin brother. She's been implanted with top-secret biotechnology that has both the cartel and the corporation hot on her tail, and her only hope for escape is a sexy alien pirate with a grudge.

Yet one scorching kiss from this copper-skinned captain could lead to disaster...

Captain Qaiyaan's species is doomed. The evil galactic corporation destroyed his home world, and with no females left, his fleet has turned to piracy and revenge. The last thing he expects to find on a derelict passenger ship is an alluring human female carrying a solution to his race's salvation, and he definitely never expected the feisty ex-con to worm her way into his heart.

Together, they fight to stay out of both cartel and corporate hands, but when the biotechnology Lisa carries becomes unstable, she must make a drastic choice about her future.

Content warning: Explicit love scenes, superhero aliens, and heart-pounding action. This sexy sci-fi thriller is intended for mature audiences.

'Rescued by Qaiyaan' is tagged as:

  • fantasy 5
  • superheroes 5
  • science fiction 5
  • multicultural 5
  • futuristic 5
  • aliens 2
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Rescued by Qaiyaan by Tamsin Ley