Secrets We Carry

by Jessica Sorensen

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Secrets We Carry by Jessica Sorensen
It’s amazing how a single breath, an instant, a moment can change your life…

I know all too well how quickly life can change. Life has never been perfect for me, but it wasn’t terrible either. Now, I’m consumed with a desire—an obsession—to get revenge on those who destroyed me. I have no room for anything else, especially a relationship.

That’s why when Everette comes crashing into my life, I want nothing to do with him. But then I have a breakdown, and Everette is there to rescue me. And I’m grateful for it. I really am.

But my story isn’t necessarily about me and Everette. It’s about me not wanting to need to be rescued. It’s about me wanting to be able to save myself and save others from breaking down because of the secrets they carry—because someone decided to hurt them. What I want is to help the women whose names are on the list I discovered.

I hate to think it, but I’m fairly certain the people who destroyed me may have destroyed these women too. And I can’t get their names out of my head. I have to do something to help them and find a way to put an end to another list ever being made. Less

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Secrets We Carry by Jessica Sorensen