A Lesson in Pleasure (Peacock Tails #1)

by Cassandra Corbin

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A Lesson in Pleasure by Cassandra Corbin
Since the dawn of mankind, avian shapeshifters have hidden among us: the swan maidens of Celtic myth, the tengu crow demons of Japanese folktales, and the harpies of Greek legend. Now you can enjoy these sexy shifters in their natural habitats, from the modern skyline of New York City to the wooded glades of Camelot. Welcome to Featherotica Press, where birds of a feather *sleep* together...

When Pavlina became a witch's apprentice, she expected to learn magic, not how to please her new mistress in bed. Unfortunately for Pavlina, her mistress is strict, sexy, and super kinky, which means she spends far more time sating her appetites than teaching magic to her apprentices. But even being a werebird can only get Pavlina out of so many chores, and the flighty peacock narrowly escapes the King's dinner table when she's caught napping in the woods. Pavlina may have been rescued from the stewpot this time, but that doesn't mean the witch and her senior apprentice won't eat her up … until she's begging for seconds.

Peacock Tails is Featherotica’s series of single books involving the most beautiful, exotic creatures in the world of shapeshifters: peacocks! Each story is a peek into a different romance, one-night stand, or orgy between these kings and queens of the werebirds. Every “tail” has its own unique levels of heat, kinkiness, and romance, perfect for the adventurous reader that feels like experimenting…

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A Lesson in Pleasure by Cassandra Corbin