Killing Hearts

by P. Brier

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Killing Hearts by P. Brier
I am going to break you. You are mine.
But I can't keep you. They won't let me.


She destroyed me. She loved me, then she broke me. Now I will break her.
After three years in prison Bane Stratus wants nothing more than to take down the woman who put him there.
She is the devil. She is death. She is mine. She fooled me once. But not a second time. This time she is on my playground. She is in my house.
One of us is going to make it out of here. It isn't going to be her.


Years ago I made a decision between life and death. I had to choose to kill the man I love or set him free.
He can never know the sacrifices I made for his life.
But now he is out, and he hates me.
What will happen when the truth comes out?
What will happen to me when he catches me?

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Killing Hearts by P. Brier