Flash Point (High Sierra #1)

by Diane Benefiel

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Feb 8th, 2018  | 

Flash Point by Diane Benefiel
For Emmaline Kincaid, Police Chief Bradley Gallagher makes hating cops…problematic.

Stalwart, honest, a stand-up guy – high praise, right? Wears his jeans just right, single – just about everyone in Hangman’s Loss, the quirky little town in the Eastern Sierra, considers Police Chief Bradley Gallagher a catch. Yet, new resident Emma Kincaid is determined to keep him at arm's length, and with good reason. But vandalism, arson, and a violent attack have her rethinking her stance. Has someone from her past caught up with her, or is the escalating threat coming from within her newfound community? Sparks fly as Brad races against time to keep her safe, and passions combust when they join forces to combat the danger.

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Flash Point by Diane Benefiel