Guardians of the Kingdom (Jewel of the Palace #1)

by Diana Flame

3.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Feb 8th, 2018  | 

Guardians of the Kingdom by Diana Flame
An ancient law, a past secret and a close enemy are deadly combinations. A king must flee his kingdom in order to save not only his life, but also the lives of his people.
A girl from the lower class must face the truth about her birth as she is thrown into the war between evil and king. She is Catrain – a guardian. She could be the savior of Cronada.
A romance blooms in the midst of deception and revenge.
Will the king regain his throne?
Will Catrain get her knight in shining armor?
Guardians of the Kingdom is book 1 in the Jewel of the Palace series.

'Guardians of the Kingdom' is tagged as:

  • magic 5
  • fantasy 5
  • historical 5
  • medieval 5
  • paranormal 5
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Guardians of the Kingdom by Diana Flame