SHERIFF: His Town. His Laws. His Justice. (TAKING CHARGE: Blazing Romance Suspense: #3)

by Maggie Carpenter

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SHERIFF: His Town. His Laws. His Justice. by Maggie Carpenter

Running for her life, green-eyed, copper-haired, Violet Parker has just arrived in the last town on the stagecoach line. Climbing out she's astonished to see a ruggedly handsome man naked from the waist up. 

The sight of his muscled arms is enough to make her weak at the knees, and as he approaches a hot blush creeps across her face. She can scarcely believe it when he introduces him as Sheriff Cooper Dalton.

Cooper cares about his town and he runs it as he sees fit. Justice is quickly administered and strangers scrutinized. A misbehaving women might well find herself over his knee, and though he's drawn to the beautiful young woman, his instinct tells him she's harboring a secret.

He's right! 

A dastardly detective is determined to see her behind bars. Twice he has had her in his clutches. Twice she has escaped. She's decided to hide in a small town and use the name Rose Hamilton

But he is hot on her trail! No-one is going to stop him! He is going to drag her back to the city!

Do you love a take-charge hero and a heart-warming western romance? Then SHERIFF is for you. Surrender to the steamy desire, the humor and excitement of this riveting love story. If you enjoyed COWBOY, and want to discover the wild in Wild West, click the link today. 

Brought to you by Maggie Carpenter, Winner 2015 and 2016 Spanking Romance Reviews: Best Contemporary Western .

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SHERIFF: His Town. His Laws. His Justice. by Maggie Carpenter