Two Weeks aboard the Grand Islander (Coastal Cruise Line Stories #2)

by Amie Denman, May Williams

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Two Weeks aboard the Grand Islander by Amie Denman, May Williams
Diana and Will Sometimes love takes a little luck…

Diana Worthy learned the hard way not to give her heart away. Keeping her emotions in check and her head in the account books for Coastal Cruise Line is the safest bet for a girl who doesn’t believe in luck or taking chances. When her family talks her into vacationing on a St. Patrick’s Day cruise, she finds herself rolling the dice with handsome passenger Will Tucker. Opening her heart to risk as the Grand Islander cruises down the Florida Coast to Key West seems like an impossible gamble, and Diana must decide how much she’s willing to wager. Will Tucker buys and sells historic homes in Charleston, renovating them and betting buyers will love them.

When a lucrative business deal inspires him to buy a bottle of bourbon and a lottery ticket, he takes his winnings and boards the Grand Islander for the St. Patrick’s Day cruise. He plans to have a great time, but he has no idea what cards are in store when he meets the lovely Diana Worthy. Can he convince her to take a chance on him?

Davis and Lily Everyone should have a little fun… Davis Swain loves his job onboard the Grand Islander. He guides people on excursions and encourages everyone to enjoy themselves. Before the ship leaves port, Davis spots a beautiful woman who needs to walk on the less serious side of life. He tempts passenger Lily Tucker with adventures she’s unable to resist and soon finds himself tempted by the personal assistant. Lily Tucker has forgotten what fun is as she toils away for her demanding employer. She’s a dedicated employee with goals for her future, but Davis and the happiness he offers distract her from her work.

As the ship travels south and her romance with Davis heats up, so does Lily’s conflict with her boss until she is forced to choose between her feelings for the charming Davis and her need to succeed on her own terms.

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Two Weeks aboard the Grand Islander by Amie Denman, May Williams