Bossed By The Billionaire (Book Three)

by Kaylee Quinn

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Bossed By The Billionaire  (Book Three) by Kaylee Quinn
Be careful what you wish for…

That phrase perfectly describes my new job, working for gorgeous and famously temperamental billionaire Cameron Wolff.

There’s something captivating about him, something that makes me hang on his every word and fantasize about how those firm lips would feel against my skin.

His mouth isn’t the only thing that I find attractive. When I watch his masculine fingers move through the air, I imagine them brushing up under my skirt and sliding along the seam of my panties.

His bluish-gray eyes remind me of the sky before a summer rain shower, and his voice is the rumble of thunder in the distance.

Of course, I know that he’s a playboy, a stud, and everyone’s heard that his mastery of the boardroom is only second to his mastery of the bedroom.

But for some reason, I’ve caught the mysterious, brooding billionaire’s eye, even though I’m ridiculously average in the looks department and totally inexperienced.

Before long, he’s teasing and tormenting me, demanding more and more of me as I try to hold back. My boss is touching me, making me his, claiming me as his own…

I’m falling hard and losing the last of my control.

But as it turns out, control is the one thing that Cameron Wolff demands most of all.

And it’s also the very thing that I most want to give him, even if it destroys my brand-new career and the rest of my life right along with it…

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Bossed By The Billionaire  (Book Three) by Kaylee Quinn