Severed Ties That Bind (Troubled Fathoms MC #1)

by Vera Quinn, Darlene Tallman

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Severed Ties That Bind by Vera Quinn, Darlene Tallman
Dra was my dream man. He was everything I read about in my romance novels. Kind, soft spoken,sexy as sin and he rode a Harley. He would be the man that broke me out of my comfort zone. The only drawback, he was once married to my older sister. I dreamed of forever. He just wanted one night and then he was filled with regret. Neither one of us got what we wanted...then fate stepped in and I received the gift of a lifetime.
Maddie is my ex-wife's younger sister. She was innocent and didn't belong in a biker's world. We had one night together. One night that will haunt me the rest of my life. Maddie is light and goodness. I am dark and anything but good. I am forever chasing ghost of things I have lost. I severed ties with Maddie before i pulled her down into my hell. Then came the day I met my daughter that Maddie kept from me. Now I know there are Severed Ties That Bind.

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Severed Ties That Bind by Vera Quinn, Darlene Tallman