Syren's Plaything (Syren book #3)

by Jennah Thornhill

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Syren's Plaything by Jennah Thornhill

She thinks she’s not good enough, never has been, never will be.
Her insecurities are always getting the better of her, making her believe she will always be alone.
Well she couldn’t be more wrong.
Me on the other hand thinks differently.
She’s always been a princess to me.
I’ve known her a lot longer than she thinks, I know her better than anyone- including herself.
Only she doesn’t remember me, to her I’m Johnny, lead guitarist and the male whore of the band Syren.
She thinks she’s just another plaything to me, she isn’t.
She’s more.
Since she walked back into my life, I haven’t touched another woman.
Only her.
One day she will remember me, and when she does. She’s going to want answers.
Answers to why I left her there with her mobster father, and why I broke the one promise I swore I never would.
I have to be the person to tell her, because it’s not just us anymore.
There’s a child involved
Our child.


Why is it that everyone I love always leaves me?
No explanation, no goodbye, they just disappear from my life, never to be seen again.
First it was my mother.
Then John Boy.
The one person who always promised to be there even left me.
Who will it be next?
This is why I don’t let anyone in, why I don’t get attached to people, because in the end they always leave me.
Things can’t get any worse for me.
Until now….
I’m pregnant and I don’t have a clue who the father is, ok so I’m lying I have a strong feeling who’s baby I’m carrying.
Johnny Owens, the lead guitarist and the male whore of Syren.
He came into my world like a whirlwind, turning my life upside down.
Only I’m just a plaything for him, he’ll soon leave when he gets bored.
My heart is telling me one thing and my head is saying another.
There’s just something about him that’s familiar, something I can’t quite put my finger on.
But I will… because he’s about to learn he can’t play me like he has all the other women.

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Syren's Plaything by Jennah Thornhill