Then Again (The Juniper Court Series)

by Sylvie Stewart

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Then Again  (The Juniper Court Series) by Sylvie Stewart
They say the first step is the hardest one. Even more so when it takes you right off a cliff.

Jenna Watson never saw her divorce coming until the papers smacked her in the face. Left to pick up the pieces and maintain an upbeat front for her daughters, she struggled to make it through the months that followed.

But it’s been two years now, and it’s past time to start again.

Encouraged by Jill, her meddlesome sister, Jenna embarks on a mission to dive back into life. Step one: find a romance-novel-worthy man for a hot summer fling. How hard could it be? But disastrously bad flirting, a failed honky-tonk hookup, and a mix-up with one of Sunview’s finest have Jenna seriously doubting if this is all worth it. Maybe she’s better off leaving the world of love and sex to others—or maybe she’s just looking in the wrong place …

Then Again is part of the groundbreaking Juniper Court Series. Learn more about the books and their authors on our website:

This book is funny, hot, steamy, and full of romance with a guaranteed HEA! It is intended for readers over 18.

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Then Again  (The Juniper Court Series) by Sylvie Stewart