Change of Plans (Dej & Carrie #3)

by Sarah Markel

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Change of Plans by Sarah Markel
Dej and Carrie are having a baby! Everything is in place for this joyous event, but after encountering a devastating roadblock on their journey, the young couple must take a different route to achieve their goal. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about the decision.
Heather, Carrie's assistant and the bane of Dej's existence, decides, once and for all, that she and Carrie are going to be together. Never one to pass up a chance to goad Dej, Heather steps up her game. Will she finally get her way and win Carrie's affections?
What should be the happiest experience of their lives, instead becomes an emotional maelstrom, as they deal with emotional instability, an unruly employee, a hostage situation, and the death of someone they both love.
Join Carrie and Dej as they embark on the next step of their lives. Sometimes, life doesn't always work the way we want it to, and a little change of plans can lead you to much more than you ever expected.

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Change of Plans by Sarah Markel