Cash: A Cowboy Alpha Billionaire’s Virgin Romance

by Ember Flint

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Cash: A Cowboy Alpha Billionaire’s Virgin Romance by Ember Flint
Cash Stone is a hard-edged businessman that has been in charge of everything around him for as long as he can remember. He is all about work and no play. Set in his ways, he has been disappointed far too many times in his life to do something about it and is now resigned to only do his duty and preserve the prestigious legacy of his family.
He has always been surrounded by money and strangers; his name the perfect label to a life of power, success and loneliness, but everything changes when he meets a twenty-year-old girl who has been as alone as he has, but without the fortune to keep her safe and she instantly slices through the armor protecting his heart.

Aria Murphy is tired of being alone, life has been tough on her and in a cruel twist of fate, the irony of Murphy’s law seems to be following her every step of the way. Anything that could go wrong, did and everyone she has ever loved is now gone.
Just when she thinks her life could not possibly sink any lower, a friendly hand is extended down to her —a friendly hand attached to a crazily big, gorgeous billionaire who wants to sweep her off her feet and make her his forever.

Resisting is futile, even if she wished to: Cash is a true alpha who will stop at nothing to have her and has come up with an astonishing plan to make sure he can buy for himself the chunk of happiness life seems obstinate to deny him.
After all, he owns pretty much everything he sees, so why not sweet innocent Aria as well?

Dear Reader:

If Tall Dark and Handsome is not enough for you, Cash is also a Cowboy with only claiming and breeding in his mind (you can thank me later for that).
This is an over the top manly and obsessive hero falling hard and ridiculously fast for an untouched blushing heroine with a sassy mouth, if this is your kind of story, hang onto your cowboy hats, sign on the dotted line and take this baby home: it will totally rock your world.

This is utterly unrealistic, filthy, insta-love cheesy, saccharine sweetness spiced up with steamy hotness. No cheating, lots of baby-making loving and a guaranteed HEA so deliciously sugary it will spoil your teeth, grab your heart and uh... other places *wink*
I hereby promise that the loneliness and bad luck of this couple ends as soon as they meet each other, our sexy and possessive Cash would never have it any other way; so don't be shy, keep a tissue close by to dab at your eyes, a box of chocolate within reach, wear comfy clothes and buckle up for a sizzling ride that comes with an adorable surprise at the end.

Warning: this smutty read could seriously melt your kindle.

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Cash: A Cowboy Alpha Billionaire’s Virgin Romance by Ember Flint