Wedded Women Quartet

by Jillian Easton

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Wedded Women Quartet by Jillian Easton
Four women... Four weddings... Four unforgettable stories...


Once darlings of the Ton, Marcus and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Kensington, have been estranged for over three years. Secrets and miscommunication tore them apart. Will their love be strong enough to bring them back together? Find out in A Brooding Beauty, the first novella in the Wedded Women Quartet!


The last time Margaret saw her husband was on the day of their wedding. He arrived drunk and ran off with her dowry, leaving her stuck at his rundown estate without a shilling to her name. Now he has returned, and while their sizzling chemistry is undeniable, will their differences prove to be too difficult to overcome?


Josephine never wanted to be with Traverson. In love with a Duke, she had dreams of grandeur that did not include marrying a lowly Earl. But when fate forces husband and wife together again and Josephine finally realizes her heart belongs to Traverson, will her efforts to win him back be too little, too late?


Grace has been in love with Stephen from the first moment they met. When he disappeared mere weeks before their wedding, she was left heartbroken and alone. Now he has returned, and he wants her back... But can Grace love the man who left her, and can Stephen trust her with his darkest secret? Find out in A Gentle Grace, the anticipated conclusion to the Wedded Women Quartet!

[This is the complete series of the Wedded Women Quartet novellas, all previously published and available individually on Amazon. The novellas range from 75 - 110 pages in length.]

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Wedded Women Quartet by Jillian Easton