Lady of the Glen

by Jennifer Roberson

3.92 · 12 ratings · Published: Apr 1st, 1996  | 

Lady of the Glen by Jennifer Roberson
"A marvelous tale." --Diana Gabaldon

Bestselling author Jennifer Roberson captures readers' hearts and imaginations in this haunting, lyrical tale of an era of savagery and splendor, set against the heather-strewn hills of a divided Scotland. . .

From birth, Catriona Campbell and Alasdair Og MacDonald are enemies--for he is the second son of her clan's most powerful foe. Yet from the moment they meet, they know they will lie in each other's arms someday. But their love, for centuries forbidden, comes at the most dangerous of times, as they become pawns of war. . .and of history.

"Stirring. . .well worth a Highland journey." --Kirkus

"Roberson's world of 17th-century Scotland is atmospherically real, which comes as no surprise from an author who writes acclaimed fantasies." --Publishers Weekly

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  • historical 5
  • highlander 5
  • medieval 5
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Lady of the Glen by Jennifer Roberson