Two Kingdoms (The Dark Side #3)

by Kristy Cunning

4.42 ·
Explicit and plentiful [?] · 45 ratings · Published: 28 Jun 2018

Two Kingdoms by Kristy Cunning
I'm getting a little tired of completing my goals, only to have the bar raised too substantially for me to transition at a productive pace...
I started off as a sad little ghost with an impossible crush on four really hot, Gothic guys with some attitude problems. Now I'm The Apocalypse, they're the Four Horsemen, and Lucifer is my fucked up daddy. Now my additional goals look like this?

Goal #9: Make a deal with the Devil without getting cheated, manipulated, or tricked.

Goal #10: Make my boys love me and take over the maybe just that first part. That second part sounds like it could take too much ambition, and I just don't have the drive for that.

Goal #11: Make cookies.

Goal #12: Call dibs on my favorite color.

Goal #13: Find out if my siblings or my father killed me and my boys...

**Sexual Content
**Dark humor
**Reverse Harem
**Language warning
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