War and Love

by Winter Renshaw

3.98 · 12 ratings · Published: Jun 29th, 2018  | 

War and Love by Winter Renshaw
When Jude Warner first walked into my life, he was just some handsome stranger in an expensive suit offering me a quarter for the fountain in my apartment courtyard.

A moment later I discovered he was my neighbor, both of us new to the building.

Then he was the knight in shining armor who rescued my place from a late-night plumbing fiasco. The prince charming who offered me refuge and ice cream during a storm-fueled power outage. The bona fide saint who volunteered to accompany me to my crazy sister's wedding back in North Carolina.

Falling for him was easy.

Finding out exactly who he was? Earth-shattering.

Now he's left me no choice but to finish a war I never started.

Only when I stumble upon a second revelation, I find myself caught between throwing my final grenade ... or surrendering to the enemy.

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  • military 5
  • contemporary 5
  • angst 5
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War and Love by Winter Renshaw