One True Mate Series Bundle, Books 5-8

by Lisa Ladew

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One True Mate Series Bundle, Books 5-8 by Lisa Ladew
This box set contains the following books:

One True Mate 5
When it came to love, brash and blunt badboy Mac never had a chance. His brash and blunt One True Mate unlocked his heart and showed him all the errors of his ways.

One True Mate 6
Bruin’s life as a bear is complicated: he idolizes wolves, is shunned by his own kind, but he takes it all in stride, never complaining, never returning the hate. When the sweetest One True Mate yet shows up, this sweetest bear around has to hide his growing attraction to her, because she must belong to a wolf. She can't be his. No, never.

One True Mate 7
Harlan’s over it: life, the fight, the demon, KSRT, all of it. But life isn’t quite done with him. It wants to poke and prod at him just a bit more, and remind him of everything he’s lost. In fact, his Eventine seems so close, so alive, that he could almost believe she might come back to him...

One True Mate 8
Jaggar had accepted his fate, a life without love, because his beast was too wild and untamed to be safe; but when a One True Mate shows up that seems destined for him, his best friend does the unthinkable and kisses her, sending Jaggar reeling, rampaging, and running… until something calls him back.
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