Daddy Issues Bundle

by Dani Wyatt, Pop Kitty

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Daddy Issues Bundle by Dani Wyatt, Pop Kitty
ENJOY Dani’s newest…Kiss Me Goodnight for a Limited TIME as exclusive NEW CONTENT in her DADDY ISSUES Bundle. Dani is one of the champions of the Daddy trope. Leave your guilt behind and sink into these delicious, sweet and filthy Daddy/babygirl stories, we won’t tell.

The day I met her I was trying to decide if staying alive was a viable option for me.

Then, one look at the girl who is now mine to raise and those dark thoughts are vanquished. With eyes the color of sunflowers and a smile that tells me she needs me had me making a promise to myself in that instant.

I will never touch her. She’s too pure. Too young. It’s wrong.

Except, each time she calls me Daddy, my resolve weakens.
I can’t help myself. I ask her for something. Something that breaks that very promise.

Kiss me goodnight.
God help us both.

Author’s Note: Kiss Me Goodnight is Daddy Babygirl yumminess and included exclusively now with the DADDY ISSUES bundle of three other of my favorite Daddy reads. Cupid delivers an arrow straight to the hearts of these two in Kiss Me Goodnight. It’s that special sort of love, the obsessed stalker kind. So, grab this bundle of FOUR HOT, HAPPILY EVER AFTER, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Daddy stories with one brand new in Kiss Me Goodnight!! Have fun and be a good girl for Daddy. (No one is actually related here, you get that right? As well, everyone involved is over eighteen, making wise adult life decisions.)

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Daddy Issues Bundle by Dani Wyatt, Pop Kitty