Our Last Road

by London Casey, Jaxson Kidman

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Our Last Road by London Casey, Jaxson Kidman
He comes back for her… but now she has a son.

SAWYER: My name's on the neon sign above the tattoo shop, but her name's forever tattooed on my heart. I grew up with the nickname ‘Saint’ and opened St. Skin with the dream of marrying Kate and living a good life. But that dream died years ago...didn't it? Now I'm heading back to Hundred Falls Valley to stake my claim to the shop...and to Kate’s heart. The last thing I expect is for her to have a kid.

KATE: Face it, we broke each other’s hearts. No, that’s not good enough. We stomped on each other’s hearts. We set them on fire and watched them burn. But it still hurt when Sawyer left. I gave up my dream of working at the tattoo shop to give Jason the best childhood I can. But then in walks Sawyer, my greatest and worst memory. Now I'm being torn in two. I still love Sawyer, but I have to protect Jason. Because no one knows the truth: Jason's not my son and the two of us are in more danger than anyone knows.

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Our Last Road by London Casey, Jaxson Kidman