Election Day

by J.A. Armstrong

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Election Day by J.A. Armstrong
Running a presidential campaign might seem the craziest thing in the world to most people. Candace Reid is not most people. The affable Governor of New York is used to controlled chaos. A state that requires her attention, competing ideas from advisers, personal attacks from adversaries, press conferences, campaign stops, speeches, testifying before congress, children seeking guidance, babies requiring diaper changes, and aging parents are all part of her daily life. Balancing it all might be the best preparation anyone has had for the presidency.

On the heels of clinching the Democratic nomination for president, Candace is struck by personal tragedy. As Candace mourns the loss of her mother, her political rivals look to tie her to an embassy bombing in Moscow nearly a decade earlier. She learns more truths about the inner workings of presidential politics, international relations and the influence of the intelligence community in all of it.

Jameson struggles to deal with the changing landscape of their life and Candace’s inclination to protect her. A painful piece of Jameson’s past is about to resurface, and the family must learn to deal with the constant presence of the Secret Service.

Through unexpected upheavals, hurtful accusation, heartfelt celebrations, earaches, broken wrists, passionate kisses, endless hotel rooms, and a few ice cream cones, the Reid family must learn how to cope with life apart and find a way to stick together. The road to the White House will test every member of the family and remind them of what matters most. First, they will need to be victorious on ELECTION DAY.

ELECTION DAY is the tenth installment in the best-selling BY DESIGN series.

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Election Day by J.A. Armstrong