The Billion Dollar Men - Bad Boy Alpha Billionaires

by Riley Moreno

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The Billion Dollar Men - Bad Boy Alpha Billionaires by Riley Moreno

A Boxset of Short Stories with Bad boys, Alpha Males, Billionaires, BWWM, and Pregnancy as their themes. 115,000 Words in total.

1. The Billionaire's Russian Prize

Fred Power

I am lonely man; I have all the money I need but I am missing the one thing that everyone wants. My one true love. 

I have looked to the end but with no luck. I decided to try out online dating and that's when I first saw Ivana.

I was hooked. She was a milk chocolate dream. Will I still fall in love with her after I hear about her secret? 


I am now 23. I have had a tough childhood; My parents died in a tragic accident when I was only four years old.

Having spent my childhood in an orphanage I had dreams of something more in life.

I wish I could find love. Love from someone who will still love me after knowing my secret?

When Ivana meets Fred she is impressed but hesitates to let her hopes get up. She doesn’t know much about this rich man who seems to be flaunting how he could buy her anything and everything she ever wished to have. The fear of a new life with someone who doesn’t know about her past eats at her. Will this work out, or is this gonna turn out to be a really bad decision?

2. Caged By The Mysterious Billionaire

Regina James has worked hard for the career she has and has no time for love but when a murder suspect comes to her the chemistry is undeniable.

Sparks are flying and clues are turning up in odd places; will Regina be able to solve this mystery or will her blooming passion for her client blind her to the murderous intent of those around her?

3. Claimed By The Russian Billionaire

Mary Joanne:

I am the exception to the rule that dynamite comes in small packages.

Sexy, beautiful, strong, intelligent, and plus sized, I had given up on finding somebody who could love me as I deserve; somebody, who would be willing to give everything up, for the chance to stand by my side forever.

Leander Kolarov:

The only thing more important than money, for me was pleasure. I did not lack anything, nor did I need anyone-not family, not friends, not anything.

However, the second I stumbled through Mary’s doorway, by chance, or perhaps by fate, I stumbled upon something even more precious than all my billions put together...

4. Mated By The Alpha Billionaire


Who could have known or predicted? 

That a clean slate, good law abiding, American black woman like me, could end up caught in the middle of some Russian billionaires mafia war! 

One minute my life was just a normal boring dull one, full of dating troubles and wishes to get married, and then the next minute, I’m am being forced to become some Russian freakin Mafia spy.

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The Billion Dollar Men - Bad Boy Alpha Billionaires by Riley Moreno