Beauty (Blaire's World)

by Kirsty Dallas, Anita Gray

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Beauty (Blaire's World) by Kirsty Dallas, Anita Gray
From Bestselling author, Kirsty Dallas, comes a new Dark Romance that is affiliated with Anita Gray's, BLAIRE’S WORLD.

About BEAUTY, Part 1:

Sold. Tortured. Abused.

My name is…well, to tell you the truth I’m not so sure anymore. To my master I’m known only as ‘beauty’, a word that inspires magnificence, however in my mind it only imparts feelings of horror and helplessness. Stolen at just fifteen-years-old, I’ve been held hostage for three years now, my body no longer my own, my mind twisted into something I no longer recognize. Then came Hart, dangerously handsome, and frighteningly male. Instead of fearing this curious man like I should, I do something I never thought I’d do again, I trust him. And when he whispers my name, “Beauty”, it’s with such soul shattering tenderness it brings new meaning to the word. I more than trust him…I’m infatuated with him. We are the same, you see, our monsters match and our thirst for revenge is as sweet as it is deadly.

My story isn’t pretty, but my vengeance is sublime.

BEAUTY, Part 2, coming 2019.

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Beauty (Blaire's World) by Kirsty Dallas, Anita Gray