The Lighthouse Keeper's Bride (Once Upon a Wedding #8)

by Kelly McClymer

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The Lighthouse Keeper's Bride by Kelly McClymer
At long last, Book 8 in the Once Upon a Wedding series has arrived!

Raised almost as a sister in a duke's household, Betsy Lawton has let the duchess' love of fairytale endings lead her to believe she has a chance at true love with a man far above her station.

Betsy Lawton, the governess' daughter, dares to give her heart to an earl. When he crushes it under his heel to marry according to his family's expectations, she turns her back on England and departs for America, where rank and station are no impediment to her dreams. Not that Betsy desires true love any longer. Instead she will be the mail order bride of a lighthouse keeper. It is the lighthouse she will love, she vows.

Matthew Thigpen had always regretted not fighting hard enough to marry the woman he loved, despite her lack of rank and family. But now he needs to find her. The woman he jilted is the only woman who will understand his predicament and keep his daughter safe.

Now a widow, Betsy must marry again to keep her job at her beloved lighthouse. Matthew offers her a devil's bargain that will allow her to keep her job at the lighthouse she loves and keep his daughter safe as well. But is his bargain worth the lighthouse, if he breaks her heart all over again?

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The Lighthouse Keeper's Bride by Kelly McClymer