Song of Discord (Melody Smith #4)

by D.R. Rosier

4.00 ·
[?] · 1 ratings · Published: Mar 26th, 2019

Song of Discord by D.R. Rosier
Business was good. Melody and Lisa had a new but government approved security company, and they’d earned the right to contract. Things were looking up, and Melody was safely hidden in a new city, although the need to hide chafed, her life was good. Tony was becoming a good friend, and they both hoped maybe even more.

Enter a serial killer, an evil man who summons demons, and makes sacrifices. The police need help taking him down and ending the threat to the city. If that wasn’t bad enough, Carol Martin is also invited to the party. Things spiral out of control though, as certain things come to light.

Melody will have to deal with all that, and much more including a returning Galen, in this final Melody Smith Novel.

Content Warning: This is an erotic urban fantasy, and contains some explicit scenes of a sexual nature.
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Song of Discord by D.R. Rosier