Blue and Green Persuasion

by Tinnean

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Blue and Green Persuasion by Tinnean
No government lasts forever, and the Third Confederation is no exception. With its collapse, the starship Midnight Ride has no choice but to run -- from rebels, pirates, and warlords, with a cargo bay of cryogenically frozen political refugees. Now, after centuries of drifting through space, trying to get home, the starship’s systems are failing, and her occupants don’t have much time left.

Fortunately they’ve wandered into a solar system containing a G-type star, and it’s left to Chief Scout Hart and his scout pod Sarah to explore the sole planet that seems it might be hospitable.

However, others call the blue and green planet home, and Hart must determine if they’re a threat.

Will what Hart finds on the planet be enough to ensure the survival of the Midnight Ride’s passengers and crew, or will the desire for power overtake the refugees and lead to disaster?

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Blue and Green Persuasion by Tinnean