Prime Series: The Collection: (Royals #2)

by Andie Devaux

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Prime Series: The Collection: by Andie Devaux
A three-story bundle!

In Broken Prime…

When Evie loses her way in the Colorado Mountains during a terrible snowstorm, she fears for her life. But when a stranger finds her and brings her back to his cabin, things go from freezing to scorching hot.

Before long, they both begin to lose control—and Evie finds out why Nicolas lives alone on that mountain.

In Prime Desire…

Nicolas is determined to get back the woman who lit up his world before walking out of his life. Serendipity might have brought them together once, but Nicolas refuses to leave their future to chance.

He will claim Evie as his mate, or lose her forever.

In Mated Prime…

Evie is excited to meet Nicolas’s family—even though she’s a little worried about being around so many powerful shifters. But when the leader of the weretigers, Nicolas’s brother, Erick, orders Nicolas to go to Chicago to escort a leaderless group of tigers back to Colorado, she begins to wonder about her place with a man who isn’t a man at all.

But when they run into complications in Chicago, they will have to rely on each other—and the strength of their love—to get out alive.

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Prime Series: The Collection: by Andie Devaux