Her Sweet Alpha

by Thayer King

4.17 · 6 ratings · Published: Jul 19th, 2019  | 

Her Sweet Alpha by Thayer King
Alpha werewolf Dade Stone is closing in on his thirtieth birthday. He's in dire need of his true mate. And then he finds her--only she's human. Dade has never been with a human. He's too big and too scary. His animal side wants to claim his mate now, but he knows she needs time to adjust to the idea of becoming his mate.

Halle Fielding is working as a waitress when a large stranger claims she's his mate and that she's going to marry him and give birth to his pups. Pups! He actually said pups! She's sure there's some mistake. She's human, and with his yellow eyes and sharp teeth, he's clearly not. If only he weren't so sexy….

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  • multicultural 5
  • paranormal 5
  • fantasy 5
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Her Sweet Alpha by Thayer King