A Grantham Christmas

by J.A. Hornbuckle

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A Grantham Christmas by J.A. Hornbuckle
Five short novellas that showcase your favorite characters from Grantham, Colorado in their first Christmas together as a couple. While each can be read as a stand-alone, in order to completely appreciate the stories, its recommended you read the full novels first.

A Bad-Ass Xmas
Jake is determined to make his and Caitlin's first Christmas together something special. For poor Cait, though, recent holidays were to be endured, not enjoyed. Between Jake's high expectations and Cait's reluctance to share her memories, will Jake pull her in or will she drive him away with her lack of holiday spirit? (orig novel: Pole Dance)

Ghosts of Christmas Past
Growing up, the holidays were simply another photo op for Dex's political family and he'd vowed that impressing other people would never be a part of his celebrations. But Leila is showing all the signs of turning their first holiday together into something he can't stand. Then there's her whole reluctance to set a wedding date. Can the professor and her tattoo artist fiancé work through their issues in order to enjoy their first Christmas as a couple? (orig novel: Human Hieroglyphix I)

Culture Clash
Marianne was bowled over when her in-laws decided to accept her invitation to join her and Ram for the holidays. While her British mother-in-law is all for each and every Christmas tradition, her Asian sub-continent father-in-law is very vocal in his dislike of Marianne and all things Christmas. In the battle of wills, which one will get their way in celebrating the season? (orig novel: Tap Dance)

Mistletoe Needed
Crys and Gabe have been leading two different lives since they've been married. Outside of sticky notes, they never even talk. But when he confronts Crys about their problems, he discovers it takes two to make a marriage work. And then found the key in bringing them back together. (orig novel: Human Hieroglyphix II)

Wicked Weather Wedding
Three snowstorms in five days has caused Grantham to grind to a halt. With everything at a standstill, will Zoe and Trevor even be able to reach the hotel? And once there, will they actually be able to get married or is she doomed to be dragged away to Vegas in order to marry the man of her dreams? (orig novel: Bewitchments 1)

**Intended for mature audiences due to explicit language and strong sexual situations.**

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A Grantham Christmas by J.A. Hornbuckle