Pedal to the Metal (The 'Cuda Confessions #3)

by Eden Connor

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Pedal to the Metal by Eden Connor
My love life? It’s complicated.

I walked away from my stepbrothers again,
this time to make my mother happy.
To make my best friend Caroline happy.
And what did those bad boys do?
They put Caroline in the car and came after me.

When you can’t please everyone

One more race, one more adrenaline-soaked night
was all they asked, because even Colt and Caine had realized
that one more was all we could risk before someone got hurt.
One more night together, then we’d do the right thing—or at least stop doing the wrong thing.
But fate had other ideas.

You got to please yourself.

When life shoved me into the wall, I realized everything I believed in, I’d learned from a racin’ man. If he could talk, I knew he’d say it was time
to put the pedal to the metal, so I went hammer down
and hell bent, for love.
If what I did bothers anyone, they can kiss my red-headed,
NASCAR-man lovin’, college-educated, country girl ass.

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Pedal to the Metal by Eden Connor