I Don't Give a Flock (Flocked #3)

by Karen Kelley

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I Don't Give a Flock by Karen Kelley

Yes, I probably shouldn’t have slid down my boss’ banister, but it was a long, hard, and inviting banister. How could I have known that he would come back early from vacation, that I wouldn’t be able to stop, or that I would fly off the end, knock him down, and end up on top of him? And no, people, my you-know-what did not land on his face!

And yes, I was supposed to be there. I was babysitting his sister’s dog while her house was being fumigated. But now he’s here, and I’m having erotic fantasies, but I’m desperate to buy a new washer and dryer, so I need to stop having these naughty thoughts, which I do. That is, until my free-thinking mother sends me brownies from California.

Except there was a slight problem with the shipment.


Women usually want one thing from me—money. But when Shannon slides down my bannister, I know I want her. I have a feeling she might actually be different from all the others. She’s funny and smart. And hot. Did I mention hot? I can’t seem to get the image of her sliding down my banister out of my mind.

Then the brownies arrive. The best I’ve ever had.

Yes, Shannon is good. Real good. I should’ve known she was like all the others. How the hell could I have ended up in Vegas, married to the biggest con artist of them all?

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I Don't Give a Flock by Karen Kelley