Hidden Creek Cry (Hidden Creek High #7)

by Jaxson Kidman

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Hidden Creek Cry by Jaxson Kidman
Knowing I’m not the only one in his life now? #check
Knowing this isn’t my bullsh*t to deal with? #check
Unable to actually walk away for good? #check
Facing a past that isn’t mine to face, filled with hurt? #triplecheck

There is no torn when you’re not together.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Like having our favorite long song on repeat. Back when we were just ‘Surfer Girl’ and ‘Summer Boy.’

He’s far from gone but far from here.
I’m far from here but far from gone.

Round and round we go.

I love you, Elijah, but look what you’ve done. Look at the path you’ve left behind and the path you’ve set forward. I would have to be out of my damn mind to even consider still loving you.

FYI - I still love him. And always will. No matter what it costs me.

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Hidden Creek Cry by Jaxson Kidman