First (Betrothed #5)

by Penelope Sky

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First by Penelope Sky
Hades retired from the business.

Now it’s just me.

Look at me now...bitter...angry...depressed. I resent my former friend so much, even hate the guy, but I’ve never been the same since he refused to forgive me.

I meet a woman. She’s like all the others...beautiful, interesting, good at the fun stuff, but I don’t feel anything.

One woman will love you for you, not your money or your power, but you’ll lose her. And once she’s gone...she’s gone.

That gypsy wasn’t right about me too, right?

I’ve got trouble on my doorstep when the new Skull King shows up. He wants a cut of my business.

Like he’s getting anything. This is all I have left.

Once again I become swallowed by the underworld.

Will I survive it?

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First by Penelope Sky