by Naomi Sparks

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Prisoner by Naomi Sparks
My father is the most powerful dragon in the world.
Most women would use this connection to secure influential mates who could keep them safe.
But I refuse to lead a life of ignorance and comfort. Not after what I’ve seen.
So I’ve flown to the front lines to fight alongside my fellow dragons.

The world of a soldier is as brutal as it is simple.
Never show any signs of weakness.
If you fail, don’t come back.
Ruthlessly eliminate the enemy.
I’ve honed my instincts to become my father’s perfect, deadly weapon.
And then, I was shot down.

Bren found me in the desert, fatigued and injured from fighting for my life.
He bound me to a pole beneath the scorching sun.
And then...he offered me water.

I know what he’s trying to do. It’s not going to work.
I am his prisoner, and he is my prey.
And the moment I free myself, I know what I must do…
...Even if it kills me to do it.

Somehow, the enemy has gotten into my head.
I’ve allowed him into my body. Into my heart.
For the first time in my life, I’m wondering if I’m fighting on the right side.

Will I betray my family, or the man I love?
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Prisoner by Naomi Sparks