The Life You Stole (Life Duet #2)

by Jewel E. Ann

4.21 · 15 ratings · Published: Feb 20th, 2020  | 

The Life You Stole by Jewel E. Ann
Sex. Lies. Revenge.

On the heels of a devastating loss, Evelyn fights to put her life back together.
Only … part of her husband belongs to another woman, and the devil owns her soul.

“If you tell her the lie, I will tell her the truth.”

When her best friend goes to great lengths to protect Evelyn from destruction and devastation, mistakes are made, lines are crossed, and all trust is shattered.

“We weren’t unbreakable.
I just needed to believe we weren’t unrepairable.”

Don’t miss the explosive conclusion to this unforgettable thriller by Jewel E. Ann, bestselling author of The Transcend Series.

'The Life You Stole' is tagged as:

  • suspense 5
  • angst 2
  • contemporary 2
  • abuse 2
  • love triangle 2
  • mystery 2
  • cheating 2
  • dark 2
  • rape 2
  • paranormal 2
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The Life You Stole by Jewel E. Ann