Kissed by a Hood Prince 2: The Finale

Bianca Marie

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Kissed by a Hood Prince 2: The Finale by Bianca Marie
In the finale of kissed by a hood Prince 2, Kimora is at a loss for words when Prince turns her over to Terror. The love she has in her heart for him soon turns into hate, and the man she once thought she could love forever had now become an enemy in her eyes.Prince has his reasons for the what he did. He had to make a choice, and he knew that his choice would forever haunt him. He prayed that Kimora would be able to forgive him. A man with many secrets, they all start coming out one by one. To the point where it drives him crazy. If Prince doesn’t get a handle on his life, it could go downhill for him and fast. Spirit is faced with problems of her own. Loving Knox has always seemed like a daunting task, but this latest incident took the cake when Knox's ex, Gianna, starts acting crazy. Spirit doesn't know if she will make it out alive or not. Not only is her life in Gianna's hands, but so is her mother's.Knox, the gentle giant, has been rocked by one disaster after another, Just when it seemed like his life was getting on track, things start to fall apart. He does all can to make sure Spirit and her moms are okay, but what happens if he's too late?In this finale, you'll see hearts break, secrets revealed, some love lost, and some love rekindled. Get ready because these couples are gonna take you for a ride you won't ever forget.
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