Maserati Kings: Loved By A Royal Thug

Bianca Marie

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Maserati Kings: Loved By A Royal Thug by Bianca Marie

The Male ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherited it from birth.

The Maserati men were always taught to be kings, they held high standards and wouldn't let anyone get in the way of that.
From birth their mother instilled in them their worth. Cocky, arrogant, and just plain sexy, the Maserati men were everything a woman was looking for.

Gemini Maserati, the oldest of the crew. He loves hard but with two women at his disposal it's hard to keep them in line and a king never lets his queen get out of line. Gemini feels he has no worries until everything in his life goes haywire and he doesn't know if he can come back from it.

Virgo Maserati, the calm, cool, and collected brother. Never letting anyone see him sweat, he's always focused. Not a man of many words but when a blast from the past comes back into his life it shakes his world up, he wants back everything he lost in the past but when things start to unravel he questioned himself is it worth it?

Taurus Maserati, the baby boy, a young king in his own right. Loving his lady kori was all he ever wanted to do but one he made a mistake and that mistake has popped up on his doorstep. Old feelings he tried to hide come rushing back and now he has to decide if its worth losing kori and everything he's built with her.

Loving these men isn't easy, the pedestal they sit themselves on would make some women run, but the ones who don't, they know what it's like to be Loved by a Royal Thug.
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