Play the Game (Hannaford Prep #3)

by J. Bree

4.70 · 16 ratings · Published: Dec 12th, 2019  | 

Play the Game by J. Bree
All of my hard work has paid off and now I have a family to call my own - my best friend Avery and my three boyfriends; Harley, Ash, and Blaise.

But with more people depending on me, the stakes have never been higher.

I’ve stepped out from the shadow of the Jackal. I’ve laid claim on the men I want and I’m not letting anything get in our way.

Easier said than done. We’re being stalked by serial killers and sociopaths at every turn, there’s a history teacher trying to bang my boyfriend, and I can’t forget the nightmare-inducing gifts arriving at my door.

Once a lone Wolf, now I’ll do anything to keep the pack safe.

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  • young adult 5
  • new adult 5
  • mafia 5
  • abuse 5
  • from hate to love 5
  • dark 5
  • contemporary 2
  • cruel hero 1
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Play the Game by J. Bree