Caged Prey (Reaper's Pet #2)

by Athena Storm, Zora Black

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Caged Prey by Athena Storm, Zora Black
I’ve lived a sheltered, privileged, silly life.
All it takes is one moment to go away.
And now my role is simple.

To be prey.

The Reapers burned everything.
They destroyed and looted the space port that we had stopped in.
They…He…killed everyone that tried to defend me.
Broke them with his bare hands.

Bathed in their blood before throwing me over his shoulder.

He caged me.
Leashed me.
Scared me.

But he also trained me.
Protected me.
Fed me.

And loved me.

I am now his.
Juliana, the Princess I used to be is dead.
From her ashes, is a woman who is stronger.
Aware of the madness of this galaxy.

I don’t expect many to understand.
They wouldn’t understand the darkness he comes from.
Or the twisted madness of the galaxy.

They’d say we’re sick.
That this is madness.
It’s not.
It’s a real love between us.

And it will kill all who stand against us.

Caged Prey explores a much darker and much more gritty Athenaverse than in other books. Readers should be warned that the situations inside this book are of a much darker variety than other books in the Athenaverse and should exercise caution. All books share the same universe and feature a happily ever after.
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Caged Prey by Athena Storm, Zora Black