Second Best (Sweet Valley Twins #16)

by Francine Pascal, Jamie Suzanne

3.50 · 8 ratings · Published: Jan 1st, 1988  | 

Second Best by Francine Pascal, Jamie Suzanne
Things are happening  fast for the Wakefield twins. The biggest party of the year is coming up.  If Jessica can get "un-grounded" in time, she'll be able to go. Elizabeth is entering a statewide essay contest, hoping to win the $100 prize. And both twins are putting in extra time on their special school projects.

Cute, smart, and popular Tom McKay is in Jessica's work group.  His antisocial brother, Dylan, is in Elizabeth's. Dylan feels that he will never be as good as his brother. So why should he even bother to try?  Elizabeth really wants to prove to Dylan that he can be the best at something, too.  But can she help him without coming between two brothers?

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Second Best by Francine Pascal, Jamie Suzanne